At Protector we have all the innovative solutions you could require for you stormwater treatment needs.
Our Products are Suitable for almost all locations, from an industrial Car Park to Residential Catchment areas, from mining areas to Airports, our large range of products will provide the solution you need. Our FRP designs will strive to keep our streams, waterways and our environment clean.

Design Considerations
Important considerations must be taken when deciding on which Protector product is suitable for your needs. With the assistance of our team of experienced staff we can offer endless assistance and advice in this matter. The most important aspects we consider to help solve your needs are :

  •   Physical Local and Rainfall Conditions
  •   Catchment Size
  •   Contaminant Types
  •   Flow Rate
  •   Risk Analysis

All our products ensure clean, treated water to flow back into the environment.

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The ECOPROTECTOR is a gross pollutant trap stormwater treatment system with first flush oil capture. This system is designed as the first defence in any stormwater treatment system to keep our waterways and environment clean!

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The STORMPROTECTOR by PROTECTOR is a dual chamber stormwater treatment system full equipped with internal bypass and Coalesce filtration system. Combining stormwater retention with powerful coalescing filtration, this system is perfect to remove oil and hydrocarbons to suit the demands of your site!

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Leaks and spillages of oil and fuel are washed down drains every time it rains and, unless intercepted, find their way into water courses polluting reservoirs and rivers. This can have a disastrous effect on plants and wildlife. The HydraProtector is the most widely used separator where it is acceptable to treat the first flush and normal flows up to 6.5mm/hr rainfall. This covers approximately 90% of all rainfall events in Australia so will suit any design site you may have!

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The Maxi Protector is a series of the [protector Range that utilises the hydraulics of the flowing stormwater to push the water through a series of efficient filtration systems, each with specialised capture process for a variety of contaminants. The Maxi protector is utilised to remove sediment, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, phosphates, and a range of other contaminants from stormwater to be returned to our water systems clean and safe for the environment. Our design can be suited to any configuration of any size to solve any stormwater problems you have!

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The XTREAMPROTECTOR is designed to filter stormwater run off and remove a large proportion of the contaminants in the process. This filtration device to be implemented into stormwater systems to remove fine sediments, nutrients, heavy metals and phosphorus from stormwater runoff. Once treated this water is then returned into the water system, efficiently keeping our water clean.

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The Protector EnviroProtector is a specialist stormwater filter for heavily polluted traffic areas, designed for installation within new or existing chambers. The stormwater is treated within the unit by the following processes: sedimentation, filtration, adsorption and precipitation. Operating in an up-flow process resulting in minimal head drop between the inlet and the outlet, this filtration system is our most efficient and effective!

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The Bio Protector is a combination of two effective treatment processes, being physical Filtration process and a biological filtration process. This system is engineered to combine these two processes to form a complete and effective process to remove a large range of contaminants. Easily applied into a large range of applications, including streetscapes, parking areas, urban environments, highways and industrial settings in a compact form’ his system has a small footprint making it suitable for any old or new urban or natural development.

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In systems of stormwater treatment, contamination removal and water quality improvement, there are many stages required to achieve the optimal water quality result. Along with the primary, secondary and tertiary systems that PROTECTOR has available, there is also the availability of Retention, detention and storage systems. These systems provide a further step in the process of total stormwater treatment.

These retention systems can be used in almost any application that is required including residential, industrial and commercial and will still be constructed with the same standards as the PROTECTOR range, ensuring a long life, corrosion resistance and high strength. Our retention systems can be supplied in two forms:


The Horizontal Retention Tank

The Horizontal Retention systems in which are available provide a simple and effective solution for your retention needs. Available in a whole range of lengths and diameters, with additional extras such as sediment baffles and pumping systems, this retention system can fit into any treatment train.

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Horizontal Retention Tank



The Stormbrake

The STORMBRAKE system is a system that incorporates FRP retention systems with efficient stormwater treatment systems. It is a single FRP shell, open bottomed design that easily conjoins to create large arrangements, that stores water as well as simultaneously filtering it. It combines the natural filtration and biofiltration techniques of soil and compressed rocks to remove nutrients, sedimentation and attached particles from the water.

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